Create Your Course

Onboarding Step by Step Checklist for Course Creation

These first questions give us a sense of the features of your course and a rough outline of its architecture. On the pages that follow we’ll ask questions about how you envision the delivery and structure of the course, and how you’ll engage your students.
Don’t worry if you don’t know all the answers – this worksheet is designed to spark ideas and give us a sense of the gaps that are present and how we’ll work together to complete this project.
Once you’ve completed this worksheet you’ll be directed to our online calendar to schedule a kickoff appointment to go over all the answers.
Once we have all the answers we’ll build out your course!
Are you pre-recording lessons or delivering live?(Required)
Are they ready?(Required)
Are there prerequisites that students must complete before taking this course?(Required)
Are you delivering live events?
Access to our Zoom account is included for up to 100 attendees. We also have alternate (non-Zoom) options for unlimited participants.
How will you allow students to progress?(Required)
Will you assign homework?(Required)
Do you want to track video minutes watched?(Required)
Do you have a final exam?
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