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At, we recognize the power of knowledge in the journey of an indie author. Our platform isn’t just about hosting courses; it’s about creating a transformative educational experience for indie authors, by experts like you.

📘 Comprehensive Course Offering: Elevate your teaching by integrating courses with live webinars, exclusive content, and interactive product tours. Offer more than knowledge—provide a comprehensive learning journey.

💡 Insightful Engagement: Our platform is designed with the indie author in mind. Create courses that address their unique challenges and ambitions, utilizing our deep understanding of their journey to engage and inspire.

🎯 Direct Audience Connection: Target your content to a highly motivated and engaged audience of ambitious storytellers looking for guidance and growth. With us, your courses find the eyes of those who need them most.

🚀 Dynamic Advertising Strategies: Leverage our network and ad strategies to extend your reach, attracting both new and returning learners.

👥 Community Integration: Benefit from our vibrant community, gaining insights and feedback directly from your target audience, and fostering a supportive learning environment.

📈 Conversion Optimization Expertise: With our focus on sales psychology and funnel efficiency, we’re committed to helping you improve conversion rates and succeed in the competitive online education space.

Features & Benefits

Power At Your Fingertips

Leverage our experience and expertise as instructional designers and learning management system administrators to create dynamic content.

No Limits

Unlimited Course Creation

Freedom to design and offer as many courses as you desire.

Take control

Course Groups & Social Circle Access:

Enables community building and interactive learning without the hassles of moderation. We handle it!


Zoom Interaction

For live sessions, enhance real-time interaction between instructors and students.

Your Money, Your way

Custom Pricing & Promotions

Set your own prices, create discounts, and coupons to attract students.

Partner with Industry Influencers

Affiliate Program

Monetize further by allowing others to promote your courses for a commission. (Not available with Instant Payout)

engage your audience

Personalized Email Sequences

Streamline communication and engagement with students through automated emails.

speed and security

Content Delivery Network

Ensures high-quality, buffer-free video delivery globally.

know your metrics

Student Analytics

Gain insights into student progress, engagement, and areas for course improvement. Offer colorful certificates for completion with integration to Student LinkedIn profiles.

comprehensive tech stack

Embedded Webinar Capabilities

Host webinars within the platform to engage with a wider audience without paying for added services. 

etsy-like marketplace

Individual Storefronts

Course creators can have their own branded space on the platform.

curbing Plagiarism

Secure Video Delivery

For secure and efficient delivery of course content. Restrict downloads or delivery to limit the ability to have content stolen. 

activate instructional design pros

Done-With-You Course Creation

If you have your videos ready to go, you’re all set and can load the content immediately. But if you need editing we’re here to help, too!

tech support for your team

Comprehensive Student Support

No more password reset emails bogging down your team — we’re your tech support!

no delays

Instant Payouts

Receive earnings through PayPal or bank draft with ease.

engagement & conversations

Group Moderation & Engagement

Ensuring a high-quality learning environment for students.

diversisify your income

Sales of Courses, Physical or Digital Products

Diversify revenue streams beyond just course sales.

Why Choose Indie Author Training?


We’re passionate about providing course creators with the tools, support, and platform they need to share their expertise with indie authors worldwide. Our comprehensive suite of features and benefits is designed to empower educators, enhance the learning experience for authors, and facilitate a community of growth and innovation. From seamless course creation and management to lucrative revenue opportunities and a supportive community, we offer an unmatched environment for you to make a lasting impact in the indie publishing world.


Empowerment & Reach:

Share your expertise with a global audience of indie authors, making a meaningful impact on their careers.


Flexibility & Control

Enjoy complete control over your course content, pricing, and promotional strategies.


Increased Earnings

With competitive commissions, instant payouts, and multiple revenue streams, maximize your earning potential. No monthly fees!


Community & Support:

Benefit from a supportive community of fellow instructors and dedicated platform support.


Ease of Use:

From course creation to payment processing, enjoy a hassle-free experience with our intuitive platform.


Professional Growth:

Utilize our editing and asset creation services to produce professional-quality courses and materials.


Visibility & Branding:

With individual storefronts and the ability to host webinars, increase your visibility and establish your brand within the indie author community.

Choose Your Commission Level

Collaborating With You

Designed for course creators seeking a collaborative approach to course development.
60% Commission on All Sales
  • Course Development Assistance: Our team works with you to outline, structure, and refine your course content for maximum impact.
  • Video Editing & Production: Professional editing to ensure your videos are engaging and high-quality.
  • Course Graphics & Promo Materials: Custom graphics, promo videos, and images to enhance your course's appeal.
  • Full Marketing Support: Comprehensive marketing strategies tailored to your course, including promotion within our network and beyond.
  • In-App Zoom Account Access: Host Meetings with your students with in-cloud recording and automatic transcripts

Bring Your Own Content

Ideal for creators with ready-to-launch courses, looking for a new home with better benefits. This package includes:
75% Commission on All Sales
  • Migration Assistance: Hands-on support to seamlessly transition your existing content to our platform.
  • Platform Support: Access to our intuitive platform features, including student analytics, messaging, and marketing tools
  • Community Engagement: Opportunities to connect with our vibrant indie author community for feedback and collaboration.
  • Promotional Opportunities: Leverage the Indie Author Magazine audience and our partner network for increased course visibility.
  • In-App Zoom Account Access: Host Meetings with your students with in-cloud recording and automatic transcripts

Frequently Asked Questions

All courses undergo a review process to ensure they meet our quality and relevance standards before being published.

What is is a platform dedicated to empowering indie authors through education, providing a space for course creators to share their expertise and resources.

Who can create courses on

Any expert or experienced individual in the indie publishing field can create courses, subject to our content quality guidelines.

How do I get started with creating a course?

Sign up as an instructor, choose your course topic, and use our intuitive course creation tools to start building your course.

Can I set my own price for the courses?

Yes, you have the flexibility to set your own course prices and offer discounts or coupons as you see fit.

Is there a fee to create and sell courses on your platform?

There is no upfront fee to create courses. We operate on a revenue share model, ensuring mutual success.

What kind of support and resources do you offer course creators?

We offer comprehensive support including technical assistance, course design guidance, and marketing resources.

How does the affiliate program work?

Our affiliate program allows others to promote your courses in exchange for a commission, enhancing your course’s visibility and sales.

What is the commission rate for course sales?

Course creators can choose their commission levels. We handle all the payments from students, support, and technical setup for you, so you can focus on delivering the best course content possible. If you want to handle your own payments, we offer a white-labeled solution, too. Book an appointment and we’ll go over all the details.

How often are payouts made to instructors?

Payments for sales will be issued after the 30-day refund period has concluded. This policy ensures that all refunds are adequately processed and settled before the distribution of earnings, aligning with our commitment to fairness and transparency for both instructors and students.

Can I sell other products besides courses?

Yes, you can sell physical or digital products related to your course content, adhering to the same commission structure.

What is the student analytics feature?

This feature provides insights into student engagement, progress, and feedback to help you optimize your courses.

Can I host live webinars or Zoom sessions through the platform? Do I need my own Zoom account?

You do not need a separate paid account! Our platform integrates with Zoom and offers meeting capabilities to enhance your teaching experience. Should you need webinar capabilities for more than 100 attendees we have a solution that allows unlimited attendees. 

Do I retain ownership of my course content?

Yes, course creators retain full ownership of their content, subject to our platform’s terms of use which may require access for students that have paid for your course. If we edit course materials for you, we retain the right to the improved content and files we use to create it, but you always own and control your source material. 

How can I ensure my courses reach the right audience?

Leverage our unique position as a sister site to Indie Author Magazine and access to our extensive partner network. This connection provides a built-in audience of engaged indie authors, ensuring your courses are marketed directly to those most interested in your expertise.

What makes different from other e-learning platforms?

Our platform’s strength lies in its neutrality and high journalistic standards, just like Indie Author Magazine. We’re not limited to promoting a single viewpoint or product, enabling us to offer a wide range of courses and tools. This diversity ensures you get unbiased, quality resources for every step of your indie publishing journey.

Can I update or change my course content after publishing?

Absolutely, you have full control to update or modify your course content at any time.

How does the course review process work?

Once you’ve prepped your basics, we’ll review what you have and be sure that it’s in line with what students expect. It’s an included service!

What kind of community features are available on the platform?

We offer course groups, social circles, and forums for instructors and students to engage and share insights.

Is there a refund policy for students?

At Indie Author Training, we strive for complete satisfaction with all courses. If a student finds that a course does not meet their expectations, we offer a 30-day refund policy from the date of purchase. 

How can I receive feedback on my course?

Students can leave reviews and ratings, and you can also engage directly through community features for feedback.

What happens if I encounter technical issues while creating or running my course?

Our support team is available to assist with any technical challenges you may face.

Can I offer certifications or accreditations through my courses?

Depending on the course content and structure, you can offer certificates of completion to your students.

I have a course created already - can I move it over?

Absolutely! We offer migration assistance for course creators and can help you move and build your course assets and migrate students, too. In most cases, we’re not able to keep their progress or passwords, but we’ll work with you to make it as seamless as possible. 

Can you develop in-depth training with rich content or SCORM output?

Absolutely! Through our parent company Athenia Training, we can create, develop, and produce any kind of training you need. 

Can I have a course on my own site and

Yes! We only ask that you align your pricing so that it matches. Bear in mind that if you use our service to edit your videos or create handouts or other deliverables, we ask that those remain exclusive to IndieAuthorTraining. 

If I bring my students to Indie Author Training, how does it work with my email list?

In order for us to provide student notifications, platform updates, and other operational needs, we will import your list into In order to remain compliant with GDPR and other privacy laws, we will only send them notifications of your course and platform updates pertaining to the operation of your course. If you remove your course content, we will remove your list from our system. 

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