AI Use Cases Discussion

Explore the frontier of AI technology and its transformative applications for indie authors in our engaging webinar. Learn how AI can revolutionize your writing process, from generating ideas and editing to marketing and reader engagement. This session will guide you through practical AI use cases, showcasing tools and techniques that can enhance your productivity, creativity, and reach. Embrace the future of indie publishing with AI by your side, and discover how to leverage this technology to elevate your authorial success. Join us to unlock the potential of AI for indie authors.

00:00 Option 1: Plan to fake deaths or help others.

Option 2: Vocal minority opposes, but gains support.

04:58 Generative AI rapidly advancing, used for content creation.

07:00 Tool scans text, suggests and highlights keywords.

12:45 Pendulum swings back, use filtering, refine writing.

14:14 Generative AI has diverse valid uses, prompting.

16:50 Use tools for marketing and social media.

23:00 AI tools in Photoshop, Canva for image editing.

23:45 AI can replace objects in images creatively.

28:42 AI-generated audio overcomes cost and time issues.

30:24 AI assists in translation, chatbot for books.

36:33 Upcoming webinars on, suggestions welcome.

37:18 Request feedback on public conversations, appreciate attendance.

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