Time Management for Indie Authors

Unlock the secrets of effective time management tailored for the unique needs of indie authors in our upcoming webinar. Dive into practical tips and tricks that will transform how you approach writing, publishing, and marketing tasks. Learn to balance creativity with productivity, and discover tools and strategies to maximize your efficiency. Whether you’re struggling with scheduling, deadlines, or simply finding more hours in the day for writing, this session is designed to empower you with the skills to succeed. Join us and take control of your time, making every moment count towards achieving your authorial ambitions.

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00:00 Tips for time management and self-care.
06:18 Utilizing 2nd brain, deep work, and habits.
08:35 Consistency builds routine, adjust to your best time.
12:26 “Prioritize tasks with the 12 week year.”
16:00 Establishing boundaries, technological communication, and embracing science.
18:52 Break tasks into small steps for success.
21:24 Respect brakes, take breaks for better focus.
24:55 Reduce task switching by grouping similar tasks.
27:04 Using Todoist to manage tasks while away.
29:58 Set intervals, avoid distractions, and stay focused.
35:54 Used motion app to track and delegate tasks efficiently, subscribes to Story Shots for book synopses.
39:46 Use Zapier for email and notification management.
42:37 Reflect, evaluate, adjust, and give yourself grace.
46:00 Organizing projects, resources, and trimming the archive.
48:33 Manage tasks, be creative, give tips time.
51:47 Exciting upcoming webinars, less phone dependency